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1. Participants may fish with or without a portable fish house. No hard side wheeled houses /enclosed trailers. No Pre-tournament set up. All contestants must be at Macintosh State Park with equipment and ready for take-off. No Wheel Houses – No Sleeper Shacks NO SLEEPING ON THE ICE THE NIGHT OF THE 8TH

2. Fish must be kept fresh in a 5 gallon bucket or similar container with water and without ice. No frozen fish! 

3. Contestants may not fish or perform fishing type activities closer than 20ft from another team/person, spectators included. Tournament Director and judges are excluded from the rule. 

4. Any two-person team must fish within 50ft from one another. 

5. Auger covers on blades are required while augers are mounted to machines or during travel. 

6. Participants may drill as many holes as they wish. However, any open hole may be fished by any competitor as long as they maintain the 20 ft rule. Hole Blocking is not allowed: Leaving a portable or other equipment next to a hole does not stop another fisherman from using that hole if you are over 20 ft away. 

7. Fishing boundaries are West of all Pump House THIN ICE MARKERS or any markers we put in place. These markers run to Dodges Point which is located on the south side of the lake. Open boundaries are Little Lake and Western Basin of the Big Lake. (Subject to Change) 

8. All laws for Snowmobile/ATVs (registration, licensing, insurance, and helmet laws) must be observed at all times. 

9. State fishing laws must be observed at all times. NO ALCOHOL/DRUGS ALLOWED! 

10. All fish brought to the weigh-in must be caught on the day of the tournament, during tournament hours. 

11. All teams/person must travel and fish within the designated tournament boundary area. 

12. All pre-fishing must be complete by 3pm Feb. 8th 

13. There will be mandatory fish house and equipment inspections before teams are allowed to proceed onto the ice. This will take place at Macintosh State Park 

14. Cars and trucks will not be permitted for contestant use in the tournament area during the event. Snowmobiles and ATVs can be used when ice conditions are satisfactory for snowmobile and ATV use. 

15. Contestants must return to the official tournament weigh line by 1-pm with all fish sorted and ready to be weighed. Your BIG FISH (White Bass) must be marked and ready to weigh. A penalty of .5 pound per 1 minute with a 5min. maximum will be charged for being late across the time line. After 5 minutes the team/person is disqualified. 

16. Designated species is Yellow Bass Only. If a team is over their total number of fish at the scale, they will be penalized in the following manner: The biggest fish they register at weigh-in will be the fish that is culled from their total bag number. Example: A team comes to scale with 31 fish, when the total bag limit is only 30 fish. Their big fish will be removed to bring their count to the designated limit of 30 fish. That team will also be deducted the weight of their big fish from total weight. Example: The big fish weighed .75lbs. The bag limit weight after the corrected number of fish was 20.75. Official weight is 20.00lbs. 

If a team witnesses a violation of these rules, it is the obligation of that team to notify an official immediately. If a violation is reported after the fact (up to one hour after the 1 pm stop fishing time), the team filing the grievance must do so in writing. 

To preserve the integrity of the field the Tournament Director reserves the right to disqualify a team for any rule 

infractions he may also adjust the tournament boundaries if the ice conditions become an issue. 

Tournament Hours 9am – 1pm 

Contact Info: Chris Scholl 641-512-0165

Kevan Paul 641-529-2359


Call 911 for an Emergency Clear Lake Bait & Tackle 524 HWY 18 E. Clear Lake Iowa 50428 641-231-8028 

open early & close late all weekend